An apprenticeship is occasionally available at Aron Faegre & Associates for a person interested in gaining a broad range of experiences including: architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, inspection, building codes, real estate finance, surveying, and construction. Training is in the tradition of a "master builder" rather than as a "specialist architect".

A prospective apprentice should send a personal letter describing some of their past experiences, along with the goals they hold for themselves in future work in the field. Include a description of other non-architectural skills and interests you have such as music, carpentry, astronomy, kayaking, or other life activity that is an important determinant of who they are and want to be. An apprenticeship typically lasts a minimum of one year.

Letters should be sent to: Aron Faegre, 520 SW Yamhill Street, Roofgarden 1, Portland, Oregon 97204

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