Aron Faegre is a physicist, architect, civil engineer and landscape architect. He has actively managed his multi-disciplinary design firm's key projects since its founding in 1983. Faegre has specialized in work requiring sensitive cooperation between citizen groups, public agencies and the business community, with a particular interest in public and community facilities. His work centers on providing facilities that bring man and nature together.

Firm design specialties include: serving clients with innovative, creative, difficult projects; balancing the art and science of building; historic renovations; water landscapes; design using the modern science of chaos and fractals; airports and aviation facilities; tenant improvements; hotels; police stations; 9-1-1 centers; seaplane, canoe, and marine docks; zip lines; adventure swimming pools; challenge courses; banks; music and drama theaters; incorporating wildlife habitat into human structures; nature camps.

Stained Glass Window for Myunghee Reiman